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Model: BZTL-02500350-052340-152020


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Frequency Min2500 (MHz)
Frequency Max3500 (MHz)
Gain Min40 (dB)
Gain Typical15 (dB)
Gain Flatness1.5 (+/- dB)
Noise Figure Typical1.5 (dB)
Noise Figure Max0.6 (dB)
P1dB Min23 (dBm)
P1dB Typical21 (dBm)
Input VSWR2:1
Output VSWR2:1
Voltage12-15 (V)
Current195 (mA)
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Outline Drawing(s):

Model BZTL-02500350-052340-152020 falls into these categories:

2 to 4 GHz Amplifiers
High Power Amplifiers
Medium Power Amplifiers
Microwave Amplifiers
Narrowband Amplifiers
Ultra Low Noise Amplifiers

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